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Mississippi Flush

Pamela Suzette 3


Mississippi Flush

Jimi's Hand


Mississippi Flush

Left Eye 3


Mississippi Flush

Maximillian Zorin


Royal Flush Gang

Building a series one playing card at a time.


Graphite Sketch

Brainstorming and Definition on Wood Panel

32 x 48 inches


Paint it Live

Baily's Old Town Temecula


Fine Tune

Studio 1


What is Royal Flush?

A group of playing card-themed supervillains with code names based on an ace-high straight in poker.

Mississippi Flush

Inspired by icons and the playing cards don't mean shit. They are worn as a battle symbol or not worn at all. Symbols are reversed or upside down to represent my frustration in life and ignorance to follow rules that do not make practical sense to my mind as an engineer.


Reflection Series

Simplistic modern jazz images. Bright colors on black canvas.


Silencioso Guitarra Series

Deep reds, dark browns, the sky is on fire and she's wanted.



My temporary psychadelic color phase.


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